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E-Book readers, could they be the wave of the future?

Digital Lifestyles Magazine, USA.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006.

Is the age of hard copy books nearing an end? With new and improved e-book readers becoming more and more reliable and easier to read, a new way to read books could become more popular. And instead of turning pages in a book manually, all you would have to do is simply press a button in order to read on.

Some people best describe the innovative technology as an iPod for books. But unlike the earliest models, which gave bad output and low resolution displays, new readers could turn out to be a steal for readers everywhere.

Most e-book readers are priced between $250 to $400 and are about the same size as a small book, but these readers have the ability to enlarge text for the visually impaired and serve as a PDA, with memory card storage.

One of the leaders in the industry so far is Sony. A $350 Reader


that features USB, Memory Stick and SD memory card slots and will feature wireless Internet, the reader will be made avaliable in the next couple of months. Sony will also launch an online book buying store, giving readers the ability to easily purchase online books for them to store on the reader.

Along with the ability to display books, the reader will be compatable with Adobe PDF files, pictures and MP3.

In an effort to sell more books, Random House begun transforming over 3,0000 of its titles into a digital format. They are selling the digital books for an average of $7 less than hardback version.

[Source: NY Times]

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