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Portable Electronic Video Magnifier.

Press Release.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006.

independent living aids, (ila) Inc., one of the country's primary mail-order suppliers of aids for the visually impaired and blind, has announced the addition of a unique pocket sized electronic video magnifier to its comprehensive inventory of products. The PVO Electronic Portable Color Magnifier has some outstanding features capable of greatly improving the quality of life for anyone who has the need to use it.

The magnification of this unique pocket sized electronic video magnifier adjusts from 6X to 12X on a 4 inch monitor and comes with a video input cable for connection to a TV allowing up to 25X magnification. Its two modes - Macro and Distance, make the PVO a huge help in everyday life to read text or view images. Its usefulness knows no bounds, for example:

In Macro Mode it will help when. Reading a book Viewing a map Reading medicine prescriptions Signing checks or addressing envelopes

In Distance Mode it will help when. Looking at consumer goods on shelves Seeing price labels in the supermarket Reading street signs Viewing works of art in museums and galleries

The small size of the PVO and its rechargeable battery functionality makes it portable and handy to use outside the home. The unit weighs less than one pound with batteries and is therefore very easy to carry. The PVO arrives with a carrying case that can be clipped to a belt and a strap to hang around the neck.

A video input cable for television connection is included for up to 25x magnification that enables the use of the PVO as a scanner - allowing reading magnified print on the home TV screen. (The text size is relative to the size of the TV monitor.) Another outstanding use for the PVO is for viewing photos from digital cameras or video cameras on the PVO screen. It is conveniently powered by a wall plug or by 4 'AA' NI-MH rechargeable batteries that are included. Its batteries are charged when the adaptor is connected to an electrical outlet. Users can even bypass the recharging and go directly to regular 'AA' batteries if they don't have time to charge the unit, or forget the cord when traveling.

The PVO can be ordered by calling toll free at 1-800-537-2118 or online at:

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