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bBook makes Braille easily portable.
Friday, April 28, 2006.

Source: I've never needed to read Braille and hopefully I never will. For those who do, though, the new bBook (short, obviously, for Braille book) seems like a great idea.

It has a bunch of dots on the front of it that can raise and lower as needed to show the correct words. That means you can download and read eBooks on a simple, portable device.

Audio books are another existing solution, but it seems like this would be a faster and more pleasing option for some, in much the same way that reading a book is nicer than listening to one many times.

The unit looks to be somewhere between a PDA and a small notebook in size, so it is easily portable.

The unit is equipped with Bluetooth for easy transfer of books. It can work with Linux, Windows or MacOS X. It has rechargeable batteries for power. No word on price or availability.

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