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Unmanned Cars May Lead the Blind Behind the Wheel.

WSLS NewsChannel 10, Virginia USA.
Thursday, May 04, 2006.

When you watch the group of Virginia Tech students driving a Cadillac with no, hands, or feet, you won't believe your eyes.

The GPS controlled car may seem like a fun time for the young engineers, but it also may lead to a breakthrough for blind people.

"Blind people can ride Kroger, or even get in the car and go to work," engineering student Jesse Hurdus said. "We can make the car react to their audio senses instead of visual, leading to their control of the car."

The research is years old, but now breakthroughs are actually visible.

"The satellite controls the gas and the brakes too," student Shawn Kimmel said. "It's not perfect, but in 10 years we hope blind people can drive just like anyone else."

The students say the system may also work for tired drivers, who fall asleep while driving.!news!localnews

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