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Thursday, May 04, 2006.

Most will agree that eating is one of life's greatest pleasures. There are many foods and many ways to fix them. There are packaged foods, meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, and fast foods. Some are better for us than others. The trick is to know how to combine them in order to build a healthy diet and lifestyle.

But how do we go about learning which foods are better for us than others, and the kind of nutrients they offer? By law, packages are required to have labels specifying the nutritional content of the food they contain. For fast foods, fruits and vegetables there are a number of charts and tables available in books, health magazines and grocery store billboards. However, none of this information is readily accessible to blind individuals.

Although the Internet has become a great resource for blind people to acquire information, most of the sites that list nutritional content of foods are not accessible. Most of them use a variety of charts and tables to list the nutritional content of foods. While this is an effective way to visually convey information, charts and tables are very difficult or impossible to follow for people relying in screen access software.

Since nutritional information is as essential to blind individuals as it is to anyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle, we did some research for you. In this record we have found some speech friendly Internet sites for nutritional contents.

Chow Baby

At Chow Baby you can check out the nutritional content of those delicious fast food tacos, burgers, cheese sticks and fried chicken. Although the site is not specifically designed for blind users, it is speech friendly and easy to use.

Looking for new "Restaurant Experiences"? If you're tired of frequenting the same old restaurants or can't find that specific "something" you are craving, is the place to visit. Their dining directory hosts restaurant websites from all over the nation and your next perfect dining experience is likely among them. Use the search tools to find the "type of restaurants" you like and then read among the results before clicking on the website links. The websites offer you virtual tours or photographs of the restaurants interior, a list of the services they provide, the hours of operation, all their menus including wine and cocktails, what it costs to dine there, what methods of payment are acceptable, if they have a dress code, what specialties they offer and how to map the drive from where you are to the restaurant. Did you say you're looking for a restaurant? is the go to Restaurant Guide!

Click this link to visit the Chow Baby homepage:

To retrieve information about a particular fast food place, you need to select one of the choices listed in their combo box, and do a search. For instance, you may want to check out "Burger King". Your search results will retrieve a list of those items in their menu, for example, the "whopper", "fries", etc. Each item will link you to its corresponding nutritional content analysis.

Click this link to visit Chow Baby's Fast Food Calories and Calorie Counter page.

Food and Nutrition Solutions

The University of Illinois' Food and Nutrition Solutions Series website offers tips and guides on food preparation, preservation, safety and storage, and tools for nutritional analysis. Particularly useful: Its "Is it safe" guides for a number of questionable-appearing foods, its suggestions for reducing cholesterol, fat and sugar. Start your search with these three topics:

Food Preparation - Help with selecting and preparing a variety of foods

Food Preservation - Guides to canning, drying and freezing foods

Nutrition & Analysis - Tools for analyzing and improving your diet

Click this link to visit the Food and Nutrition Solutions website.

Now that you know about these sites, there is no real excuse for not having a healthy and balanced diet.

posted by Michael McCarty.

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