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Phone courtship for blind couple.

The Malaysia Star ( Malaysia).
Monday, May 08, 2006.

BALING: They have never gone out on a date. But hearing their voices over the phone was enough for love to blossom.

HAPPILY MARRIED: Wee Rater giving his bride a peck on her cheek after their marriage was solemnised at Kampung Baru Tasek in Pengkalan Hulu, Perak Sunday.

Wee Rater Eyam, 30, married 18-year-old Suny Kubocha Nuprat yesterday after a two-month courtship over the phone.

The wedding at her house in Kampung Baru Tasek, Pengkalan Hulu near here was steeped in Thai tradition.

The ceremony marked their first physical contact when Wee Rater, a masseur at a health centre in Alor Star, was allowed to hold his bride and kiss her after a monk solemnised their marriage.

"There was no need for us to go out on dates as we both can't see.

v "Just to hear Suny's voice over the phone was enough for me during those two months," said Wee Rater, the eldest of five siblings.

Wee Rater, from Kampung Baru Naka, lost his sight five years ago after suffering from a high fever while Suny had been blind since birth.

During the two months they had known each other, the telephone line sizzled with their burning love.

The couple became acquainted after their families brought them together during a series of matchmaking attempts.

"I'm told by my relatives that my wife is beautiful.

"When I became blind five years ago I thought my chances of taking a wife was slim.

"Now, I feel my life is truly blessed despite my handicap," said Wee Rater.

Suny, whose entire life had been in total darkness, said:

"A lot of people said I would never find a husband as I'm blind. But God has planned otherwise."

"Although I'm unable to see, I will try to be a good wife and a good mother to our children later," smiled the second of three siblings.

The couple plans to go to Malacca for a honeymoon.

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