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Dotty Designs.

Dotty Designs.

Niomi's partner is blind, and she found that buying appropriate greeting cards for him was almost impossible. She simply couldn’t find anything that was personal enough to suit her.

From this simple need arose Dotty Designs.

Niomi decided to produce her own line of Braille greeting cards, that any blind or visually-impaired person would genuinely love to receive.

She wanted to make her tactile cards original, affordable and attractive, while making all of them as personal as possible.

This meant that, if any of her customers had anything specific in mind, she could do that for them, just as she can for you, too!

Niomi has now created an entire line of custom greeting cards for the blind and visually-impaired.

These handmade greeting cards are real treasures, and are available for all occasions.

Each card shows just how much you care, and every recipient will treasure them -- and you, as well, for your thoughtfulness for giving them something they can truly enjoy and appreciate!

For further information, to see this unique line of custom greeting cards, or to learn more about the services available, visit Dotty Designs on the World-Wide Web at:

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