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The Torch magazine celebrates 75 years of service.

TORCH Trust for the Blind (UK).
Tuesday, May 30, 2006.

The Torch is an unusual Christian magazine. Produced only in braille, giant print and audio media, its readers are all blind or partially sighted - almost 10,000 of them. Published bimonthly, it's free and via "Articles for Blind" freepost it goes all over the world; to 97 countries in all. The braille edition alone has a circulation of 5,000, making it the largest circulation regular braille publication worldwide! It was started in May 1931 as a devotional magazine with an initial distribution of just 60 copies.

The latest edition - Issue 3, 2006

- marks the magazine's 75th anniversary. In it Stella Heath, Torch's co-founder, looks back on how they came to adopt the magazine that gave Torch its name. Also Torch's Technical Director, Mike Townsend concludes a series of studies on Revelation (go to Downloads to read earlier instalments) and Gordon Temple (Chief Executive) ponders on what sort of Saviour Jesus isn't.

The Torch magazine is one of six magazines published by the Torch Trust for the Blind. Our newsletter, Torch Family News, is the only one to be produced in standard print. Contact us to get a free copy quarterly so that you can pray for our vital work.

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