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Charity raided by FBI to keep government contracts.

KLTV, Texas.
Tuesday, May 30, 2006.

EL PASO, Texas An El Paso charity raided by the F-B-I and other federal agencies earlier this month will be allowed to stay in a program that directs federal contracts to companies that employ the severely disabled or blind.

That's what officials with the National Center for the Employment of the Disabled -- N-C-E-D -- announced today.

The company was raided as part of an ongoing probe into contracts awarded when it was run by Robert E- "Bob" Jones, who abruptly resigned in March. N-C-E-D had been the primary supplier of chemical-warfare suits for the U-S military.

The company won contracts based on a promise that at least 75 percent of workers filling government orders would be severely disabled. An audit last year concluded that only about seven percent of N-C-E-D employees working on the contracts met the requirements.

The President's Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind of Severely Disabled decided to let the company stay in the program. The committee is an independent federal agency that administers the project.

President and C-E-O Joe Wardy says the committee gave the company a chance to stay in the program. They've promised to meet certain conditions, including showing employment of the correct proportion of disabled people.

He says N-C-E-D should be in full compliance by the end of the summer.

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