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Pip Squeakers Baby Shoes for Children of Visually-Impaired Parents.

Press Release.
Thursday, June 01, 2006.

Pip Squeakers Baby Shoes was named an Honors Award winner in the 2006 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) competition. The award winners were announced today, in national parenting magazines and online at

Peggy Wells, a company co-founder, says, "Pip Squeakers are a healthy choice for "first shoes" and are a fun way for any baby to start walking. The kids can't stop giggling and jumping when they wear them." Parents enjoy the ability to hear when their quick moving toddler is on the go, helping to keep active little ones in a safe & close radius, away from stairs or other unsafe situations.

The NAPPA judge commented, "These cute, slip-on toddler shoes look like sneakers but the insoles squeak whenever your child takes a step. Our young test subjects loved it! Have your camcorder ready when you first try them out. These shoes are especially helpful for visually-impaired parents to keep track of their kids, and for protecting your cat from surprise, tail-pulling toddler attacks."

In 2002, Pip Squeakers received the Fleet Bank Leadership Award, for its humanitarian involvement with schools for the blind, throughout the United States and other national organizations specializing in infant care.

Pip Squeakers, founded in 2000, was the first worldwide company specializing in baby and toddler squeaky shoes. "We discovered squeaky shoes, during a trip to Asia. When we returned to the U.S. and couldn't find squeaky shoes anywhere, we decided to go into business and share these shoes with the world." said Tricia O'Connell, company co-founder.

The company retails baby squeaky shoes online at, through, via phone orders, 866-722-4535, and wholesale to baby stores and websites.

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