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Wireless Personal Pager from APH.

The Fred's Head Companion.
Monday, June 05, 2006.
By Michael McCarty.

Instantly summon help or attention at home or away by pressing the button on the Personal Pager transmitter. The portable receiver will chime or vibrate, notifying the wearer up to 100 feet away, inside or out. Can be:

worn on a belt or around the neck
attached to a wall
free-standing with built-in easel support.

Example uses include:

Coach or teacher can silently cue a performer

A patient can signal a care-giver in another room

Receiver can be placed near an object, beep can then be used to locate to the object later:

Locate your hotel room by placing the receiver just inside the door

Locate luggage while traveling

Transmitter requires one E23A 12v battery (included). Receiver requires two AA batteries (not included).

Wireless Personal Pager:

Catalog Number: 1-03975-00

NOTE: NOT available with Federal Quota funds

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If you need assistance, click this link to read the Fred's Head Companion post "Purchasing Products From The APH Website Is Easy".

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