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Tuesday, June 06, 2006.

I can never find my car keys, my wallet and the TV remote control.

I probably spend hours every month looking for items around the home, and I'm sure many of you are often in a similar situation. In fact, I know I'm not the only person in the world with this problem, because now there's an inexpensive gadget to help people quickly find important items by tagging them and using an RF locator to pinpoint their position in seconds.

The "Now You Can Find It!" Ultra 8 Wireless RF Electronic Locater comes as a kit with 8 RFID tags that you can attach to important items you lose frequently. I'm not sure if 8 tags would be enough for me, but it's a start! When you lose one of your eight, precious, items, simply press the corresponding button and you can track and pinpoint it's location following the audio signals emitted by the set. The locator can track at distances of up to 40 feet. I don't know, but it probably doesn't receive a signal through walls, so you would probably have to walk around the living room, kitchen, bedrooms etc until you found what you were looking for, but hey, it should only take a few seconds!!

The locator handset and tags are colour-coded and come with something similar to Braille bumps for the visually impaired.

Each of the tags needs a miniature lithium ion cell battery, which could be an issue but they are included. The $50 price tag is affordable enough and could quickly pay for itself saving time and certainly reducing stress in the mornings.

The only problem is; what happens if you can't find the locator!!

LINK: The "Now You Can Find It!" Wireless RF Locator, available from Sharper Image.

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