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June 6, 2006. Triumph Technology, LLC., is pleased to introduce the latest series of enhancements to its popular Mobile Pack (M-Pack) (TM) bundle--an accessible personal data assistant (PDA) that combines the most up-to-date mainstream products with cutting-edge assistive technology solutions. The M-Pack--whose size and affordability have changed the world of personal data management for blind and visually impaired consumers--now offers more functionality, speed, and flexibility than ever before. The M-Pack bundle will continue to integrate the same powerful combination of mainstream hardware components, Pocket PC-compatible applications, and high quality product documentation. However, new M-Pack customers will enjoy added screen reader functionality with Code Factory, S.L.'s Mobile Speak Pocket, version 1.0.7. The product offers greater access to several popular Pocket PC applications (including the Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks utilities), and support for both the Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5.0 operating environments. The latest release of Mobile Speak Pocket also features drivers for refreshable braille displays that are compatible with Bluetooth wireless technology (such as those manufactured by the HumanWare Group and Handy Tech Elektronik, GMBH), and a framework for those customers who wish to upgrade their speech synthesizers to the text-to-speech technology offered by Loquendo, S.P.A. Future M-Pack bundles will also include a PDA with a faster processor, two times the amount of data storage capacity, and a leather carrying case to give the unit extra protection and professional pizzazz. Finally, in an effort to continue its trend of superior product support, Triumph Technology has developed a series of M-Pack tutorials for its new and existing customers. For more information about the M-Pack and its latest enhancements, to place an order, or to learn how to make upgrades to an existing unit, please contact the Triumph Technology Sales Team by phone at 651-636-5184, or by email at

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