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Braille Magazine finds special mention in book of records.

Express India.
Thursday, June 08, 2006.


Most people enter into record books for being the fastest, strongest or tallest human beings. For instance, Delhi-based Rajesh Thakar entered the 2006 edition of Limca Book of Records, released yesterday, for memorising a 13-digit table in a little over 60 seconds. Sumit Sharma, another Delhizen, figures in the same for his 24 back flips in a minute.

But George Abraham has made it for a different endurance feat altogether. He was selected in the special category this year for Beyond the I, his bimonthly magazine for the blind. Launched in October 2004, it's the first braille magazine to be listed with the Registrar of Newspapers (RNI). With its innovative articles on career options, parenting tips and grooming advice, the four-page tabloid also tells inspiring accounts of visually challenged people: a blind artist who shares her passion of painting, a CEO of a company talks about making it big amidst people with normal vision.

But 47-year-old Abraham's own life speaks a lot about what he stands for. At the tender age of 10, when kids learn to comprehend the world around them, Abraham was already grappling with a vision impairment. ''My parents had to scourge for basic information on education and counselling. My mother, and later colleagues, would read out to me,'' he recalls.

Now thanks to Abraham, Beyond the I (also available in the print and e-format) is reaching out to some 20,000 visually impaired people. A qualified MBA who organised the Cricket World Cup for the blind in 1988, this St Stephens graduate runs the city-based NGO, Score Foundation and is a founder-member of Magiktouch Talent management, a company that promotes blind musicians.

Society, he rues, is just not sensitive enough to the needs of the blind people. ''The problem is not with the eye, it's in the mind.'' Maybe with his magazine, Abraham will be able to change some.

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