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Student invents Braille software.

NDTV New Delhi, India.
Monday, July 17, 2006.

A visually challenged class 12 student, Satveer Singh has invented a software that can translate the Braille into the Devnagari script.

"With this software I feel independent, I don't have to depend on others to write what I want. You can't trust anybody else to have the same interest that you do," said Satveer.

One of the main advantages of the software is that anyone who can read or write Braille will now be able to use it to translate whatever they write into a script.

Instead of using the Braille stencil, one can use just six keys of a normal computer keyboard and the software then automatically translates the Braille script into Devnagari.

With this software, visually impaired people can correspond easily even with people who can't read Braille.

But unfortunately Satveer does not have the financial or organisational support he needs to take his software to other visually-impaired people.

"I am very upset with the government. After repeated requests to help me out with a patent or a copyright, there has been no response," said Satveer.

Such issues however, have failed to dampen Satveer's spirit and he is ready to invent a software that will translate Braille into Marathi and Kannada and another that can be used without a keyboard.

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