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Blind Association condemns Air Asia.

The Nation (Thailand).
Tuesday, July 18, 2006.

Thailand Association of the Blind has condemned Thai Air Asia Airlines which rejected an American blind passenger.

The airline on Saturday rejected an American blind, Dr. Frederic K. Schroeder, from traveling with the flight AK887 from Bangkok to Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur that he had previously reserved, said Monthien Boonton, the president of the association.

According to Monthien, the airlines' staff said to the passenger that it disallowed a blind to be on broad alone because it had no staff to take care of him.

Monthien claimed that, however, many blinds used to travel alone with Thai Air Asia without problem.

Finally, Dr Schroeder has to switch to Malaysia Airlines instead.

Monthien said what happening might affect on the country's reputation because Dr Schroeder has been a wellknown person and was a highrank officer of the US government.

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