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Talking Pill Bottle Helps California's Blind.

NBC11, California USA.
Wednesday, August 02, 2006.

For patients who have trouble reading and following prescription instructions, a new pill bottle may be the answer, NBC11's Marianne Favro reported.

Barbara Rhodes, who is blind, uses rubber bands to help distinguish her half-dozen medications.

That was before she started using a talking pill bottle.

"This medication is for Barbara Rhodes. Take one tablet daily," the bottle said.

Rhodes has daily conversations with a talking pill bottle. Sure they're one-sided, but she's learned the bottle always has important things to say, Favro reported.

Rhodes said she couldn't possibly remember all the side effects. Now the talking pill bottle does it for her.

"This medication is used to reduce blood pressure. It has the side effect of increasing dizziness," the bottle said.

"For the Levothroid, I never knew you weren't supposed to take it with something that contained iron," Rhodes said.

The voice in Rhodes' pill bottle is her pharmacist's, Greg Smith. He records specific instructions for each patient's prescription.

Kaiser Northern California hospitals are now offering the talking pill bottle to all patients with vision problems.

"I think the constant reminders will have them improve their outcomes and help physicians provide better care," Smith said.

Each talking pill bottle costs $4. Kaiser is not charging for them. An estimated 33,000 Kaiser members are expected to ask for the new bottle.

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