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Will Podcasters Be Replaced By Software?

Podcasting News.
By Source: MagneticTime.
Thursday, August 03, 2006.

A new service promises to let users create podcasts, without the need for podcasters.

MagneticTime, a text-to-speech software developer, has announced that MT-Podcast, a text to speech application for podcasting, is now available as a service.

According to MagneticTime, MT-Podcast lets anybody produce professional sounding podcasts without needing to have a podcast host. MT-Podcast can streamline the production process by "automatically and accurately converting written scripts to MP3 podcasts without needing a recorded voice.

MagneticTime estimates the cost of its automated approach to be about ten percent of the cost of traditional audio recording.

MT-Podcast is a web-based service that enables customers to manage individual podcasts, add/edit/remove podcast episodes and manage their own accounts.

For those users who prefer assistance in their podcasting process, a Podcast Review Bureau Service is also available from MagneticTime. This service compliments the automated podcast process, as the Quality Assurance team within MagneticTime reviews and edits all podcasts prior to their return to the user.

Richard O'Donnell, CEO, MagneticTime, says that the service "will save the corporate and personal user a lot of the time and energy currently being spent on editing and hiring actors to produce podcasts."

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