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Voice-Eye portable text reader for the blind.
Monday, August 21, 2006.

Korea based A.D. Information has announced the Voice-Eye a portable text reader designed to help the disabled. The unit comprises of two parts a barcode scanner 'Voice-Eye Symbol' and a player that reads the text stored in the special Voice-Eye Symbol.

The player looks like a crude version of the iPod with controls arranged in the familiar click wheel style. It supports English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, by installing TTS (Text to Speech) engine it can support additional languages.

It plays music too as no modern day gizmo is complete without MP3 playback. The Voice-Eye is currently being used in courts across Korea for reading out the judgement and other news to handicapped people. The voice produced very much human like, it supports stand alone recording without the need of a PC. Files can be transferred via USB connection.

A Lithium Polymer battery powers the Voice-Eye, pricing and availability is not known yet.

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