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Groundbreaking for Guide Dog Training.

WBAY, Wisconsin USA.
Saturday, August 26, 2006.

It would be the first of it's kind in the united states -- a guide dog training school geared toward training dogs for children.

Ground was broken Saturday in Peshtigo at the site of the future school.

The idea came from Quinn Habrel -- a 16-year-old who was born with congential glaucoma, leaving him visually impaired.

Quinn had to travel to Canada to get his guide dog Coda because none of the 15 guide schools in the U.S. will give a dog to someone under 18 years old.

Quinn said "Now that I have her, she helps me and guides me around obstacles that I may not see."

Quinn says construction could begin by October.

When complete, blind and visually impaired children from across the country can get a guide dog for free.

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