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Mayflower Maid transcribed into visually impaired friendly formats.

Sue Allan
September 1, 2006.

Having a best selling paperback in the UK is of little comfort when your Mom back home is registered blind and cannot read it. Therefore, co-authors, American Roger Vorhauer and Brit Sue Allan, jumped at the chance when UK company, vimac (ict) ltd., came forward and offered to transcribe their book, Mayflower Maid, into visually impaired friendly formats. They immediately negotiated back the rights from their regular publishers to do just that.

British book reviewer, Chris Horan, warns of Mayflower Maid ‘ sit down and be gripped by an enthralling tale of religious persecution in this compelling novel...

The breezy read traces the fate of a young woman in 17th century Lincolnshire and the twists of love and fate, which take her to the New World – America. However, prepare to be shocked, for the times themselves were harsh and the central character innocently suffers at the hands of demons, which force her out of the cradle of her home village and into the unknown.’

Published originally last summer, Mayflower Maid was voted as one of the Best Reads of 2005 by the prestigious BBC Open Book show. Since then sales have steadily grown as more readers are discovering the untold part of the Pilgrim Father’s tale.

‘Millions of people believe they know the story of the Pilgrim Fathers,’ it’s website claims, ‘ Mayflower Maid will make them believe they never knew it at all.’

The book is to be made available in UK Braille, US Braille and Modified Large Print (18 point Tiresias font)* There will also be a Daisy version (with UK male voice) which will play on a DAISY Talking Book Player or on a software Daisy Player.

Details may be found on

*Alternative fonts and sizes can be produced on request, but additional cost.

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