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The TEMO Talking Microwave.

Access Technologists Higher Education Network.
Monday, September 11, 2006.

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With students moving into dorms and apartments for the coming year, here is a post courtesy of [cut 'n pasted from] the National Association of Blind Students listserv:

Our microwave just died so we had to go out and buy a new one. We just happened to find one at Best Buy that talks, and it is great. It is a HamiltonBeach TEMO. It was only $94, which is less than a talking one we thought we were going to end up getting from Maxi Aids. But so far we're loving it. Its apparently a brand new model with unique features that include:

Instructive Talking Programmable Feature;

Interchangeable Voice Language Feature (English/Spanish);

Eight Instant Settings for Common Foods;

Five Express Cook One-Touch Settings;

Five Memory Setting Buttons;

Remind Signal.

The buttons are totally accessible. They're easy to feel, and are much like the buttons on any other appliance or remote control. It also has a little knob that you turn to set the cook times, with a little notch you feel [tactile] each time you turn it so you can easily tell how far to turn it.

You push a button on the knob and it'll ask you to set the minutes, then when you set the minutes you push the button again and it'll ask you to set the seconds. After you do that you push the button again and it starts. It is really easy to use.

The student who posted this to the listserv commented that they were planning to purchase a second one for reserve as it seems that everytime something like this comes on the market it does not sell well and it quickly unavailable. Something tells me that won't be the case here - and into the future for products such as this. With the boomers getting older we are seeing an emerging market for standard applaines with accessibility features. Even if this particular items does not sell well, others will surely follow.

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