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Ski for Light 2007 Invites Applications.

Ski for Light.
September 12, 2006.

Are you a visually impaired adult who cross-country skis or is interested in learning the sport?

If your answer is yes, then join 300+ active adults from across the U.S. and around the world for our 32nd annual Ski for Light International Week!

While primarily recreational, Ski for Light attracts cross-country skiers from beginners to advanced competitors.

Skiers and volunteer guides come from every adult age group and occupation.

Visually impaired skiers will be paired with a sighted instructor/guide who will assist with skills, technique, endurance or simply enjoying the outdoors.

After a day of skiing, join in on any number of organized activities or simply relax, and enjoy the facilities and the company of fellow participants.

The 2007 Ski for Light event will be held from Sunday January 21 through Sunday January 28, 2007 in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire.

We will stay at the North Conway Grand hotel in North Conway and ski at Great Glen Trails in the Pinkham Notch section of the town of Gorham.

More information about the event and online applications for participants and volunteer guides are available now at

The total cost for the week, which includes all meals and ground transportation is: $975USD single-occupancy, $725USD per person double-occupancy; there are no triples at the hotel this year.

Visually impaired individuals interested in attending SFL can contact Lynda Boose at 906-370-7541 or

Those interested in becoming a guide can contact Brenda Seeger at 507-274-5502 or

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