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Blind teacher runs Kerala school -- all by himself.

CNN-IBN, India.
Thursday, September 14, 2006.

EYE OPENER: A blind teacher runs a school by himself in a village in Kerala.

Ponmudi (Kerala): David is blind, but that hasn't stopped him from running a school all by himself. He has turned his disability, into a source of strength.

Twenty-five-year-old David was born blind, but that never stopped him from realising his dreams. HE runs the Government Primary School in the remote village of Ponmudi in Kerala and says he always knew he would become a teacher.

"I don't think this is tough at all. It was only natural for me to become a teacher after all that I went through in my life. I studied in a blind school and if teachers there could teach me, why should I find it tough to teach others. So I was always confident," says he.

Tough words indeed and it's no wonder then that David braves six kilometers everyday through rough terrain to be among his pupils.

At school, he not only teaches, but handles the administration too. David uses the Braille system to teach his students.

The school would have closed down long ago due to low student turn out, but remains open now, because David has agreed to continue teaching here. He says better facilities and more teachers can help the school grow.

"If there are more teachers and staff here, this school can be run remarkably well. At the moment there are only twenty students, but if the facilities are better then more students will come. Now since I have do almost everything, I am forced to even cancel classes at times."

At a time when education is being increasingly high-jacked by big money, it's the work of people like David that stands out from the rest. David might not be able to see but his work is certainly an eye-opener for the rest of us.

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