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Guide Dog Theo Puts Provost In The Shades.

August 4, 2004.

By John Beaton,
I C Lanarkshire (Scotland).

NORTH Lanarkshire's Provost, Councillor Pat Connelly, popped on his sunglasses to take part in the Guide for the Blind Association's annual Shades for a Day charity appeal.

Councillor Connelly teamed up with Lanarkshire resident, Sam Hunter, and his guide dog, Theo, to promote the annual event.

The Provost was one of almost 250,000 people across the UK to take part in the event, now in its fourth year.

Shades for a Day encourages everyone to make a donation to wear their sunglasses, highlighting the importance of eye care, while raising funds for the charity.

One of the charity's key messages is about the importance of eye care in the sun as over-exposure to the sun's ultra-violet rays can increase the risk of developing certain eye conditions such as cataracts and ocular melanoma (eye cancer).

To make sure the eye care message hits home, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has also launched an eye care website - - where there is information available on how to care for your eyes.

The website also allows people to download EyeKon, a vision break reminder specially developed by the Guide Dog Association to do just that. Every 60 minutes, it pops a message up onto your screen, reminding you to take a break.

The Association are committed to eye health education and have invested over 8 million in research into the causes of eye conditions.

Tom Pey, Guide Dogs' Director of Policy, said " Shades for a Day is an ideal opportunity to stop and think about eye care, and have fun while raising money for our ongoing work and I am delighted so many people took part."

Provost Connelly added: "I was delighted to join Sam and Theo to promote the eye care message to the residents of North Lanarkshire.

"Shades for a Day is a fun and innovative project."

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