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Cornea may Affect Glaucoma Treatment.

September 20, 2004.
Ivanhoe Newswire.

Are you at risk for glaucoma? If so, make sure your doctor checks your cornea when determining treatment.

A recent study from Columbia University in New York shows the thickness of the cornea may be an important factor when determining glaucoma treatment.

Incidence of glaucoma is usually determined after measuring the eye's central corneal thickness, which affects the accuracy of the intraocular pressure measurements, or the pressure in the eye. Patients with decreased corneal thickness are at risk for glaucoma.

After examining the corneal thickness of nearly 188 glaucoma patients, researchers found themselves adjusting the treatment they had originally chosen for their glaucoma patients.

Sixteen patients had a change in eye drop medication, four had a change in laser therapy, and six had a change in glaucoma surgery.

The study's authors conclude, "…central corneal thickness has a significant effect on the clinical management of patients with glaucoma and suspected glaucoma."

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SOURCE: Ophthalmology, 2004;122:1270-1275.

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