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The First Online Self Screening Test for Early Disease Detection.

November 09, 2004.

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Source: Assil Sinskey Eye Institute.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The Assil Sinskey Eye Institute together with the Peristat(TM) Group launches the Peristat Perimetry System. The first and only FDA registered test for self screening that allows the consumer to check for abnormalities in their total area of vision, center and peripheral views, with the accuracy of traditional testing that until now was only performed by specialists. Results from this test effectively determine if there is cause to suspect some of the most common and disabling health conditions without waiting to see a doctor.

"Abnormalities in testing can signal Glaucoma, a leading cause of preventable blindness in the world, which has virtually no symptoms and affects more than 80 million people worldwide," states Inventor Sean Ianchulev, MD, a Harvard-trained physician and Glaucoma specialist at the Assil Sinskey Eye Institute. Individuals age 45 and higher are most likely at risk and more than half of those affected are unaware and already have irreversible damage. Retinal detachment, a medical emergency where parts of the retina are detached long before visual problems occur can also be detected by Peristat. By the time visual problems surface, it's too late. Cataracts, stroke, and optic nerve diseases that include multiple sclerosis, arthrosclerosis and even diabetes, can develop without notice, yet be a reason for a failing Peristat test.

Peristat combines the latest in internet technology and biomedical research using an internet connection, the computer screen and a mouse to perform a simple 5 minute visual field test. The patient is asked to timely respond to a series of moving objects on the screen. A Peristat professional reads the test and returns a recommendation noting whether or not there is reason for further examination.

"It is a common misconception that if you can see 20/20 you are immune to blinding eye disease," says Dr. Ianchulev. "I often see elderly patients who are legally blind from end-stage glaucoma with perfect reading and distance visual acuity, yet cannot see anything unless it is directly in front of them. Sadly, they even get their DMV licenses renewed."

Test information is confidential and is safely stored so that the patient can be alerted to changes in their vision with periodic testing. The cost of the test is $29.95 for both eyes compared to $150.00 for a test with an ophthalmologist. The service is at or

Source: Assil Sinskey Eye Institute

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