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New intraocular pressure device is said to read eye pressure with greater precision.

February 15, 2005.
Asia Pulse


Towser, a start-up associated with Nihon University spin-off Towser, and its Swedish partner BioResonator AB plan to market a device that uses ultrasound to take readings of the pressure within the eye that is five times as precise as the products now on the market.

BioResonator AB plans to market the new intraocular pressure device in Sweden this summer and then expand sales to other parts of Europe. Towser will import the device from BioResonator for marketing in Japan.

The new device is touched to the eyeball and generates ultrasound with a tiny piezoelectric element. The ultrasound waves that reflect back are read using a sensing technology patented by Towser. The stronger these waves, the higher the intraocular pressure.

Abnormally high intraocular pressure can trigger glaucoma, which is the third-leading cause of blindness in Japan. Towser has not decided on a price yet, but plans to charge a price similar to that of existing products.

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