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Research project has found way to restore sight in certain animals.

August 02, 2005.
ABC Online-Australia.

A Western Australian research project that has found a way to restore sight in certain animals has won national recognition.

The Lions Eye Institute has been trialing a method that injects a genetic virus in to the eyes of briard bogs that are born blind.

The virus then produces a protein that repairs the dog's sight.

It is hoped the method can eventually be trialed on humans.

Professor Bob Williamson, from Melbourne University, was asked by the National Health and Medical Research Council to select the 10 best publicly-funded research projects in Australia.

Professor Williamson says the recognition of the institute's work underlines the value of the project.

"If Lions Eye Institute researchers can prove that it's safe and this takes a bit of time and effort then it'll be very very exciting times for people who are threatened by retinal blindness," he said.

Professor Williamson says the project was an obvious choice.

"Because it was innovative, it was world-class but perhaps most important of all it addresses a very real problem that affects a lot of Australians and it brings great hope," he said.

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research project that has found a way to restore sight in certain animals

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