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Mobile phones could make users go blind, scientists warn.

August 07, 2005.
Sunday Mirror (UK).

MOBILE phones could make users go blind, scientists warned last night.

Radio waves given off by the phones can start damaging eyes in just EIGHT days

The tests were done on animals - but experts believe humans would suffer a similar fate.

Professor Levi Schachter, who led the research at the Technion University, Israel, said: "These are disturbing findings. It was permanent damage. We saw bubbling on the surface of the eye and damage to the lens which seems to indicate that even short-term use over a long period could damage the eye."

Dr Ahuva Dovrat, who also worked on the research, said: "At first the damage wouldn't be noticed unless examined under a microscope - but eventually you would get the formation of cataracts."

Experts in Sweden last year claimed people who spend more than an hour a day on a mobile phone have a 30 per cent higher risk of getting a rare type of brain tumour called acoustic neuroma.

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