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A simple operation can save the sight of children if it's done when they're young.

November 01, 2005.
CBBC (Childrens BBC) Newsround, UK.

A charity has launched a campaign to save the eyesight of 10,000 children.

Many children in very poor countries suffer from cataracts - when 'cloudy lenses' form over the eyes which can cause very bad sight or blindness.

But Sight Savers International says a simple operation costing as little as 27 can save the sight of children if it's done when they're young.

The charity aims to save the eyesight of thousands of children in Bangladesh over the next four years.

Many children with cataracts are born blind, so the operation is more likely to be a success if they get it done before they are about seven or eight years old.

That's because if it is left any longer, the brain often never learns to 'see'.

Some blindness can be reversed

There are 37 million blind people in the world, with 90% existing in very poor countries where some babies don't get the right nutrients before they are born.

Sight Savers International is trying to raise awareness of the problem so people realise that up to 75% of blindness can be reversed with treatments like cataract operations.

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