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Timber Marking & Marketing
Timber marking and marketing is a service for landowners ready to sell their timber.  Marking timber means every tree to be harvested is measured and paint marked so it can be identified by your Forestry Consultant and the timber buyers.  This service is extremely valuable to landowners.  The marking and measuring process shows you the amount of timber you have therefore indicating the value and the market price.  Without this process, provided by your Forestry Consultant, your value determination would be based upon your best estimate only. 
After the timber has been marked, the volumes are tallied for each timber species.  Your timber is then marketed to all reputable timber buyers through mail marketing, phone contact and fax.  They are allowed 30 days to examine the timber and then submit a sealed bid.  This process is called the sealed bid method and is by far the highest yield method.  This method is honest and fair and has resulted in timber buyers paying as much as $100,000.00 more than their next closest bidder.  Please also know that as your Forestry Consultant that should the situation arise the bids are unacceptable based upon my Professional Evaluation, all bids can be rejected and the timber remains in your posession.     

Timber Inventory and Appraisals

Timber appraisals are completed for sellers who wish to discover the timber value to determine overall property value.  The method successfully used by my company is called cruising.  Instead of each tree being individually measured, cruising timber involves systematically laying out plots throughout your woodland.  After going through your woodland and taking measurement plots, the results are combined to get an average of what is in your woodland.  After the volumes have been determined, a price can then be put on the timber.  This is an extremely accurate method and is widely used for auction companies selling timberland, banks for land appraisals and investors looking to purchase timberland.   

Timber Trespass

If you think your timber was stolen, an investigation can be performed by Warwick Forestry Consulting.  Value can be determined by conducting an inventory of the tree stumps.  As a Professional Forester, our services are available to testify in the court of law.  In some cases clients have been entitled to three times the value of the stolen trees.   

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