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Don't Become Another Victim

Most timber in Kentucky is sold on the shares.  Selling your timber on the shares means you have allowed a logger or timber buyer to cut your timber, haul your timber into a mill and you receive a percentage of the timber usually 50-60%.  Sometimes they will cut your timber and lay it out on your farm and allow timber buyers to come in and bid on it.  Before the timber buyers put in a bid on the laid out timber they figure in a haul bill, usually 6-8 cents bd/ft.  They subtract that out from their bid and so really, the landowner is paying the haul bill for the timber instead of the logger.  Pretty slick.  This means that the 50-60% you were promised is more like 30-40%.  Selling your timber on the shares is how most people have sold their timber in the past and is still how most timber in Kentucky is sold.  Warwick Forestry Consulting is trying to educate landowners and get them what their timber is truly worth and more and more people are starting to wake up and realize this.  Landowners need to know they have a valuable resource that needs to be taken care but at the same time the dollars in their resource need to be maximized because it's only fair to them.

10 Reasons Why Not to Sell Your Timber by the Shares Method
  1. You supposedly receive 50-60% of your timber value, when in reality you receive 30-40%.
  2. There is no competition for your timber.  Competition for your timber creates more $ for you.
  3. No money is paid up front by the timber buyer or logger.
  4. Selling your timber on the shares leaves alot of room for dishonesty and your logger may be working more for the mill instead of for you.
  5. If a tree is destroyed during harvesting you don't get paid for it.
  6. It is hard to control and monitor the amount of timber that is taken off your farm and where it goes to.
  7. If there is a contract it is probably the timber buyer's and you are at the timber buyer's mercy.
  8. You can be left with a low quality stand of timber that will not produce another harvest in several generations.
  9. If there is veneer timber on your farm you may never know it, but the timber buyer will.
  10. If you feel or know you were treated unfairly, you have no representation. 


10 Reasons Why to Allow Warwick Forestry Consulting to Sell Your Timber Lump Sum
  2. You receive more than 50-60% of your timber value.
  3. If a tree is destroyed during harvesting, this comes out of the timber buyer's pocket not yours.
  4. Competition is created among the timber buyers, sawmills and loggers, thus bringing in more money to you.
  5. Contracts are created between you and the timber buyer by Warwick Forestry Consulting.  This contract is made to protect you from any pitfalls that might occur during the harvest.
  6. The logging operation is monitored, making sure logging roads and landings are put in properly, making sure the roads and landings are retired properly after harvest and that no trash or garbage is left behind.  The logger is required to follow the Kentucky logging laws KRS 149.342 and KRS 149.344.
  7. The timber job is inspected by the Kentucky Division of Forestry County Ranger.
  8. A time limit is put on how long the timber  buyer has to cut and haul the timber off your property.
  9. Your timber is sold so that you will have a stand of timber for the future.
  10. The veneer timber is measured and sold as veneer.  

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