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Timber Sale Process
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  • The first step in marking and marketing timber is to establish boundaries and ownership of property. All boundaries need to be clearly marked or agreed upon among all adjacent landowners. All parties involved, that claim ownership of the property, must agree upon the timber sale unless authorized by an executor or power of attorney.
  • The next step is to begin the ground work which includes marking the timber to be sold with paint. Every tree that is to be harvested will be measured, recorded and marked with blue paint. The timber marking method will be discussed and agreed upon with the landowner. This marking process could include a selective cut, clear cut or seed tree cut also known as a shelter wood cut.
  • After the timber has been marked, the landowner will be consulted to discuss the amount of timber marked, and to reveal what the timber should sell for during that period on the market.  The next step is to market the timber.   
  • When beginning marketing the timber, advertisements are drawn up and sent out to our database of timber buyers, loggers, and saw mill operations.  The advertisements will include the amount of board feet per species and the logging conditions, ie: terrain, road accessibility or landowner stipulations.  The advertisements include a "Meet and Walk" date for all the potential timber buyers to view the land and timber.  Questions will be answered during this session and the high points of timber will be shown. 
  • From the day the advertisements are sent out, buyers are typically given 30 days to inspect the timber.  Buyers are also given specific date and time that all bids are due either by phone, fax or mail.  Bids will be read aloud at our office at the appointed time. 
  • After bids have been announced, the landowner is contacted and is informed of the highest bid price.  If the landowner accepts the bid, a contract will be drawn up between the owner and the timber buyer for a specific cutting time showing the price paid and all the logging stipulations the contract specifies.  This will explain how the property will be treated and how it will be left after the harvest.  The landowner and timber buyer will sign the contracts separately or in each other's presence.  The contracts are to be signed within 10 days of the received bid. 
  • The value of the timber will determine the amount of money required at signing and the duration of the contract.  The typical contract will require 10% down due at signing of the contract with the remainder due within 30 days or with the commencement of the harvest , whichever comes first.  Most importantly you receive funds before a single tree is cut. 
  • After the landowner receives the full payment, the timber buyer will be able to start harvest. The timber buyer will have to notify our company three days in advance of the start of the logging operation.
  • During the harvest periodic checks (spot checks), will be made on the timber harvest to make sure the loggers are following the guidelines of the contract and the Kentucky logging laws KRS 149.342 and KRS 149.344. The Kentucky Division of Forestry will be contacted of the logging operation and the county ranger will be notified to make checks on the harvest to make sure the loggers have a Master Logger on site at all times and are following the state laws. The loggers will be allowed to leave after the county ranger’s approval.
  • During this entire harvest operation communication will be made with the landowner keeping him/her up to date on how the harvest is coming and if there are any problems. Before the harvest is complete the timber buyer will notify our company to do a final check on the timber harvest before they leave the property.
  • Once that is complete the landowner will be notified and the timber operation will be complete.

Just remember, the purpose of hiring Warwick Forestry Consulting is to allow our company to handle the entire timber operation, from the beginning to the end. By using our company you will receive the highest market value for your timber and the operation will be handled by a Professional Forestry Consultant from beginning to end.  All aspects will be handled by our company and we will keep you informed throughout the process.  Our services are exclusively paid based upon a successful transaction with you as landowner and your potential timber buyers. 



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