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Background - Bobby Warwick
Owner - Warwick Forestry Consulting

I was born and raised in Warren County, Kentucky and this is where I reside.   Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the forest and how it works.  I joined the Boy Scouts of America when I was 11 years old and fell in love with the outdoors.  I received my Eagle Scout Award in 1993 and vowed then to uphold the woodlands of Kentucky the best I possibly could.  I graduated from Bowling Green High School in 1995 and found the perfect major, Forestry.  I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and immediately went to work as an Inventory Forester for the state of Kentucky.  I traveled and worked in all 120 counties of Kentucky for 2 years inventoring the state's woodlands.  I met lots of people and eventually my future wife, Penny.  After I met Penny, I knew living on the road had to come to an end.  I found a permanent position with the Kentucky Division of Forestry around Bowling Green, married Penny, and worked as a Service Forester for almost 3 years.   During that 3 years with the state forestry service I knew there was something I could do to really help the timberland owners in Kentucky.  In 2005 right before my little girl, Savannah, was born I started my consulting forestry business and have enjoyed every moment since.  These days you may find  Penny, Savannah, Peaches (my dog) and myself out in the woods marking timber or just enjoying the outdoors, and we invite you to come along too.  I love helping woodland owners, and would really love to help you. 


  • August 1993:  Received Eagle Scout Award and vowed to uphold our beautiful woodlands.
  • May 2000:  Graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and a Minor in Agriculture.
  • August 2000 September 2002: Worked as an Inventory Forester for the state of Kentucky.  Inventoried and worked in all 120 counties of Kentucky for the Kentucky Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (KFIA) that showed how much woodlands Kentucky has, the quality of our woodlands, the amount of disease and insect damage and other variables.
  • September 2002 - May 2005: Worked as a Service Forester with the Kentucky Division of Forestry assisting landowners with managing their woodlands, planting trees, fighting forest fires in Kentucky and in the western United States, timber marking and timber stand improvements.
  • May 2005 to Present:  Started Warwick Forestry Consulting business providing services such as timber marking and marketing, timber appraisals and inventory, timber management plans and timber trespass.


Tree stump with paint mark on base


Bobby Warwick * 5561 Woodburn Allen Springs Rd *
Bowling Green * KY * 42104
Phone: (270) 792-2402