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Welcome To Warwick Forestry Consulting

Bobby Warwick

Mission Statement
Hello! My name is Bobby Warwick.  I am a Consulting Forester in Warren County, Kentucky, where I was born and raised.  My mission is to help landowners manage their timberlands for today and the future while at the same time obtaining the highest price possible for their timber.  I would be glad to assist you in finding land to purchase or marketing your land for the best price.  Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy it.

Bobby Measuring a White Oak Tree


What is a Consulting Forester?

A consulting forester is an individual with a degree in forestry from an accredited university who works with private landowners to help manage their timberlands.  Warwick Forestry Consulting can facilitate the sale of your timber and represent your interests in the transaction.  If you have ever tried to sell your timber, you  know what a headache it can be.  There are several questions that you may ask that Warwick Forestry Consulting can deal with:

  • How much is my timber worth? 
  • Should I have it cut on the shares or lump sum? 
  • Who should I get to cut it? 
  • How do I know if I have been fairly represented?   
  • What do I do if my land is not restored? 

All these questions can be easily answered by using Warwick Forestry Consulting.  By allowing us to represent you we will be able to maximize the money you receive from your timber before a single tree is cut.  In most of our client's cases, landowners net 25-50% more for their timber than if they had sold it themselves, which pays for our services several times over. 

Why Should You Use Warwick Forestry Consulting?

There are several reasons for using a consulting forester. 

  • Prevent you from making mistakes such as selling your timber on the shares.
  • Obtain the most $ for your timber
  • Receive money in advance before a single tree is cut
  • Leave your woods in good shape for the future
  • Handle any situations that may arise during the timber harvest.
  • Hold the timber buyer liable for any breach of contract between you

Warwick Forestry Consulting knows the timber markets very well, who will pay the highest dollar, and the best marketing time.     


As a Consulting Forester I am:

  • Graduate from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and a Minor in Agriculture 



Load of logs being hauled off property.

If you have any questions you can call or email us at:

Bobby Warwick * 5561 Woodburn Allen Springs Rd *
Bowling Green * KY * 42104
Phone: (270) 792-2402