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Hadley-Rille Books called for submissions to an anthology entitled Ruins Excavation. I submitted a reimagining of one of my other stories. The story in this book is titled, "The First Time." 
The book is a collection of short stories from many authors about women archaeologists of color who lead teams on excavations of ancient ruins scattered around the world.
It is now available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook. Click HERE to go to Amazon. 
The audiobook is available at Audible.com. The sample clip just happens to be of my story! How awesome is that? Click HERE to listen and enjoy!

I am a HWA Member!

Book 2 Press Release from The Enterprise newspaper

Press Release for Book 1 in Pioneer Newspaper


MY name on MY book on amazon.com!!!  Living the dream!!!


I completed the August 2012 Camp NaNoWriMo with 51,202 words.  I completed the challenge by August 24.  However, the draft novel is not finished.  The NaNoWriMo taught me all I need to do is go for it!


On February 8, 2012, I had my first radio interview with Richie Allen at iTalk Radio in Spain.  It was a lot of fun.  I was even asked to talk again in a couple weeks!  I had a recording made of the interview and made it into a youtube video.  Click here to listen.

May 2011. I had an (internet) interview with Shells on the Walter Rhein website. Click here to check it out!

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My Hobbies

Writing, photography, crafts.

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For all of you interested in reading my stories, click the links below to go directly to the sites containing my published works online.

Penny Waiting


Milepost 44


Merry Christmas

Blue Umbrella

Crop Circled

Have You Ever Seen the Devil?


My second book of short stories, Unknown Variables, is available now at amazon.com.
~Welcome to more Variables—of life gone awry entwined in the unknown. As with her first collection, Random Variables, Tammy A. Branom plummets you into twisted realities with another 26 assorted tales of unpredictable turns. Follow along into the realm just beyond the shadows—and into the unknown. -Excerpt- “Guys?” He craned his neck, peering into the woods. Terrified, Kenny focused back to the mine. Deep within, a small white light passed back and forth. Kenny squeezed his eyes shut. “Please let it be Jim and Mark.” He peeked, first with one eye then the other. His jaw dropped and tears pooled. --From The Ride~


At last, it's MY name on the cover of my own book!  I made this all on my own through createspace!  This is 186 pages of my own stories and my own fabrication.  Click the PICTURE of the book to order from createspace!  Or, if you prefer, click HERE to order from amazon.com.
Capricious: Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable. No other word better describes this collection of 26 short stories and flash fiction by Tammy A. Branom. Let your mind wander along this path of Random Variables, leading you into her dark ideas and thoughts following no specific theme or notion. Through time and space, from aliens and animated objects to vampires and zombies, bizarre--and capricious--tales abound. Imagination askew.


I am a columnist for Unexplained Mysteries website. Click here  to go to the site.  My first article posted on March 8, 2011.  Click here to read any of my articles.

See ACCEPTANCES page for list of upcoming works.

Editor of Thirteen O'Clock Press and fellow writer "across the pond," Dorothy Davies, contacted me for an invitation only submission for her Woman anthology. She chose only 21 ladies to submit to this. She accepted my tale, "Buckets Full of Blackberries" for inclusion.
Available at Lulu


Last Night, another Thirteen O'clock Press compilation, has two of my stories, "The Gauntlet" and "One Last Christmas." This book looks into "what happened last night?" with many left wishing it was still last night.
Paperback available at Lulu


I have two stories in the Thirteen O'clock Press anthology Legends and Lore.  "Risen" and "Day of Awakening" are in this grouping of tales of mythical legends--with a twist.
Available at Lulu


One of my favorite stories, "Zep Tepi" appears in the anthology What Lies Beneath from Thirteen Press.  Available for Kindle from Amazon.


My flash fiction tale titled "Christmas Vacation" is in the Thirteen Press anthology Alien.  Available at Amazon for Kindle.


The Thirteen Press anthology, In Vino Veritas (In wine there is truth), includes my story "A Restaurant in Culver City."  Available from Amazon for Kindle.


Full Moon Books' anthology Bloody Ghost Stories, includes my ghost tale "A Little Girl."  Available through Amazon for Kindle.


My tale "Target Acquired" is in Long Pig, another static Movement book.  This anthology is a collection of stories about cannibalism.


The anthology Make A Wish includes my story aptly titled, "Wish," and a second story "The One."
~The key ingredient in these stories is that somebody makes a wish.~


The Static Movement anthology of journeys, A Journey You Say?, includes my story, "A House Named Ernie," a tale of life through the eyes (and essence) of a house.  Click here to purchase at amazon.


"The Biggest Fan" is included in the "I'll Never Go Away Vol. 2" anthology by Rainstorm Press.  These are stalker stories!  Available for Kindle only at this time.  Get it here.


My story "Precision Sharpened for Perfect Slicing" is included in this anthology. It's a tale of a special carved meat cleaver in the hand of a killer.
Book Description: "Those everyday items, most created to serve the living, are all around us. Imagine them being aware of their own existence, their own purpose, and their own well being. Now imagine them being just like us; filled with love, ambition, fear, anger, and even hate."


Third Flatiron Publishing has released Origins: Colliding Causalties in which my story "Of Men and Gods" is the first story of the collection.  It is available in many formats, so there's sure to be one for you!  Click here to order.


Rainstorm Press is printing my story "In with the New" in their "The Undead that Saved Christmas" charity anthology.  This is the last--and the best--of the "Undead" books.  Help make Christmas nicer for a child by clicking here to order.


My story, "The Clonal Blake Jones" a part of the Rainstorm Press collection of rare and unusual mental illnesses, Glimpses of Insanity.  Now available at amazon.  Click here.



Another Whortleberry Press anthology, Strange Christmas, will publish one of my stories. This one will be "Proof."
For sale now, just in time for Christmas. Click here to order.


My previously published story, "Snow Angel" has been chosen to be included in "Trip of a Lifetime" anthology from Sleeping Cats Books.
Now for sale through the publisher here! Get a travel mug, too!


Whortleberry Press is publishing my story, "Hootenanny Holler."  This is a previously published story and will be under the new title of "Horror in Hootenanny Holler" for their anthology, "Strange Halloween 2012."
For sale now at Lulu


WHORTLEBERRY PRESS ANTHOLOGIES has included my story "The Perfect Place" in STRANGE SUMMER MYSTERIES: A Day At The Beach.
This anthology is now for sale at LULU.com.  Click here to purchase.


Synaptic Void, a Static Movement anthology, published two of my stories, "The Being" and "Just Visiting."  These tales are dark, weird, science fiction.
For sale now at amazon.com. Click here to order!


I have2 stories printed in the Rainstorm Press anthology No Rest for the Wicked.  My titles are "She Sells Seashells" and "A Face in the Clouds."
Now for sale at amazon. Click here to go directly to the site!


I sold my true, non-fiction story titled, "Clearing the Smoke" to Smoker Confessions: How 8 Former Addicts Quit Smoking. It is available as a Kindle ebook, so if you have a Kindle or Kindle reader for your pc, droid, or iphone, have a read.  Click this link to go to amazon.com for the download.



I've always wanted to see my name on amazon and now it is!  My name is in the splash next to the title.  Rainstorm Press really did a great job with this anthology.  My SF vampire story, "A Long Ride," is included in this book.
Click this link to order this book from amazon.com.


For the Static Movement anthology  Shadows Within Shadows 2, my story "The Bravest" is published in it. As the title of the book indicates, these are dark, shadowy tales.
For sale now at amazon.com.  Click here.


"The Return" is published in the anthology, After The End, another Static Movement publication.  These are post-apocalyptic tales.
FOR SALE NOW!!  Click here to order.


"Progenitor" AND "Calling" are printed in the Static Movement publication, Science Gone Mad.  "Mad scientists and xperiments gone out of control! Portals to other dimensions cracked open by overreaching humans! Science gone mad, creatures created by blunders running amok.
Available now. Click here to order.


I have 2 stories, "The Bell" and "Colonel Snowman" included in Monster Gallery.  This anthology has the "theme of monsters." Original monsters or original takes on the traditional ones (vampires, werewolves, etc.).
FOR SALE NOW!!! Click here.


My ghost story, "The Ride," set in West Virginia, is published in Beyond the Grave.   Description:  "creepy, suspenseful and subtle – not gory...ghost, demon or supernatural story...haunted houses, the repercussions of people selling their souls, and ghosts with unfinished business."

FOR SALE NOW!!  Click here.


For Static Movement's Static Poetry V, I have 9 (softer side) poems included.  The list is "Believe", "The Keys", "I Dream", "Go", "Weep", "Try", "My Seven Deadly Sins", "Not For?", and "Rain"
Available Now!  Click here.


Nine of my dark poems are published in Static Movement's anthology Poems from the Dark Side Vol. 2.  The list of my poems is “Snapped”, “Cuts”, “The Shadow”, “The Light That Shines”, “Dance with Lightning”, "The Pain", "In Darkness", "In Our Bed", and "The Empty"


"Phobia" is printed in the anthology, One Hour, including a second story, "At the Zoo,"  Tales of what can happen in just one hour.
For sale now at amazon.com. Click here to order!


My story, "Twelve Stones," is in the print anthology, Dark Secrets.  "These tales are about the secrets people keep ...and how they affect the rest of us."
For sale now! Click here to order.


"The Devil's Toys" is included in the anthology, Dark Dispatches, along with two more stories "Battle Lines" and "The Dead Ground" in this book.  These are "stories about war, real or imagined, here on Earth or elsewhere, in any time period--past, present or future."

Available now at amazon.com!



The print anthology, Dark Deeds in History, includes my story, "Eleven Miles."  ~These are stories from our past. What dark deeds went on?~

FOR SALE! Click here to buy!



Two of my flash fiction stories, "The Hero" and "Raspberry" are included in the print anthology Pot Luck.  "Stories under 1,000 words."
FOR SALE NOW!  Click this link to purchase.


My story, "The Experiment" is in the print anthology, Tales of Salt and Sorrow.  These are sea stories, high life on the ocean waves which goes wrong."
FOR SALE NOW!  Click this link.

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