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"Upstairs, Downstairs" was printed in Ghost Magazine's Phantom Fiction column in Winter 2005.  I have posted the two pages in my blog. Click this link to view them.  Simply click on the pages to open them up for a readable view.


I have stories in two of the Haunted Encounters anthologies, 'Personal Stories of Departed Pets,' ("Too Soon for Corky") and 'Ghost Stories from Around the World' ("Business Un-Usual").
All of the stories in these books are actual accounts of experiences with the supernatural--in the writers' own words, as they happened to them!
You can buy the Haunted Encounters books or check out my stories in them through amazon.com.  Click here for the"Around the World" book.  Put in "Branom" in the search to go directly to my story.  Click here for Personal Stories of Departed Pets.  You will need to put "Branom" in the Search Inside This Book box to see my story.


For posterity (and for fun), I decided to add my story, "The Thing That Wailed" from my freshman year of high school (1977) published in the school literary publication, "The Indian War Cry." At the time, I was the only freshman to have a story published in the annual.  I remember being rather proud of that.  I suppose I should consider this my first publication (ha-ha-ha).  Reading it reminds me of my growth as a writer.

High School Story

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