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So, you can't understand what all the screaming is about? Click on these links to get the straight poop on the songs.

Nude Bowl Resurrection The story of an empty bowl in the desert that was skate, buried,  dug up and skated again.

No More Excuses A musical collection of excuses from every drummer we've ever had.

Beach Blanket Bongout An anthem for the ages. Still one of the band's most requested songs.

Preppy Some people say that the clothes make the man, but if that's all you got, you ain't got a lot.

Gone For Good An angst-ridden little ditty about some a-hole who ripped off our bass player Bruce for two Indys.

Coffeeshop Motherfucker As the name implies, this tune is about skating the hills of San Francisco with two dogs named Caper and Babette.

Barney & Friday A song about two dearly departed kitties.

Secret Agent Man A song about those shadowy intelligence operatives and the fact that we don't know who or what they're really working for.

Camp Out A touching saga about what it's like to quit your job and live in the bushes along a Los Angeles freeway.

The Commute A California freeway at rush hour when you're late and the guy in front of you is an idiot type song.