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By Don Redondo

We were heading to AZ to play a benefit for the first free public park in Phoenix (there are lots now, but getting the first one funded was a big deal...we played two shows to support that over two years). We had just done three or four crash practices with what would be a one-time drummer, Al Penzone, and would need another in AZ to be ready for the benefit.

Driving through the desert, all our bass player Bruce could say was how it was his birthday (I can't really say which day as he whines about it for what seems like a month). We get to AZ and are lucky to be able to stay at Karen Weber's parents. They are out of town, so we set up and played for about an hour. When that was done, we decided to go out and skate. FYI, this was Arizona, late summer, so it was easily over 100 degrees!

Well I guess Bruce whined to Karen enough so she felt sorry for him, and while we were gone, she baked him a homemade chocolate cake in her mom's sweltering kitchen. She was just putting on the icing as we walked in from skating and before she could finish the sentence "I made you a cake for your birthd..."

Bruce says "I hate chocolate cake!"

To this day, she hates Bruce...even exclaiming, "Fuck Bruce!" at a family Thanxgiving dinner years later.

There's no excuse for being rude:)