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Carter Blitch

Our new drummer Carter (and his dad) have been "fans" YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRSTof JFA since Carter spray-painted the logo on his dad's garage wall 20 years ago.

Carter was born in D.C. and grew up in Reston, VA. He first heard JFA in '83 at age 11, started skateboarding the same year. learned to surf in North Carolina at some point around then too.

In '85 he taught himself to play the drums in a hardcore band called Knothead. Throughout high school Knothead would always open up for some good friends in a band called AVAIL.

He moved to San Jose, CA in '95, moved to San Clemente in '98. Notable bands he was in were Childhood, the Mob 40's (who were originally from Phoenix, AZ), and One Shot Kill.

Fast forward 2003, where he's doing time in a cubicle catty-corner from Jen Brannon. "Somehow I figure out her husband is none other than silver-tounged crooner Brian Brannon of JFA 'fame,'" Carter says. "She tells me JFA can't find a drummer who doesn't love heroin. I tell her I'm a drummer, and coincidentally I hate junkies and heroin and gave her a shitty Pipsqueak tape to give to Brian. Guess that was my audition."

Carter practiced with JFA for the first time in April 2004 and is now in for the long haul.