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Lyrics by Brian Brannon, music by Don Redondo

When the time comes it's time to go
There's no time to take it slow
Just head on out the door
And go with the flow
Going for a midnight ride
Babette and Caper by my side
We're just out to explore
If we like we'll come back for more

We don't even have to think
We're doin' it by instinct
If we want we can go far
Just keep an eye out for cars

We're stealthy and we're sly
We smile as we go by
For us style is a must
Will you kindly eat our dust

We're going for a midnight ride
We waited for the right tide
We refuse to be denied
Destination the outside

Heading for the drop
Takin' it from the top
It's the bottom or bust
Coffee shop motherfucker you can eat my dust