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Blatant Locals

Blatant Localism 7", Placebo
Valley of the Yakes 12", Placebo
Untitled 12", Placebo
Mad Gardens 12", Placebo
Live 1984 Tour 12", Placebo
My Movie 7", Placebo
Nowhere Blossoms 12", Placebo
Lightnin' Storm/People's Revolutionary Party 7", Buzzkill
Camp Out/Travels With Charlie 7", Spontaneous Combustion
Secret Agent Man Split 7" with Jack Killed Jill, NRA
Only Live Once CD, Hurricane
We Know You Suck CD, Alternative Tentacles
Live in Chicago 7" with the Faction, Spontaneous Combustion
To All Our Friends CD, DC-Jam

All the Rage, Volume 2, GMD
All the Rage 2000, GMD
Amuck, Placebo
Best of Flipside, Flipside
Best of Rodney on the ROQ, Poshboy
Best of Smoke 7, Bomp
Bite the Bullet, Know
Blazing Wheels & Barking Trucks, Skate Rock #2, High Speed
Born to Skate, Skate Rock #4, High Speed
Buried Alive, Smoke 7
Concrete Waves, Disaster Records
DC-Jam Skate Rock Vol. 1, DC-Jam

Eastern Front, Enigma/Eastern Front
Explicit Skate Rock, Skate Rock #10, High Speed
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine, Flipside
For the Kids, Together
Meathouse, Meathouse
More Coffee for the Politicians, Placebo
Old Skars & Upstarts, Disaster
Phenis, Phenis Fanzine
Pogo Strut Slam Swivel & Mosh, Devil Doll
Rodney on the ROQ, Volume 2, Poshboy
Scene Killer, Outsider
Sudden Death, Smoke 7
Taking Out A Little Agression, Dr. Strange
This is Phoenix, Not the Circle Jerks, Placebo
Thrasher Magazine Skate Rock #1, High Speed
VMLive, Series 2/Volume 2, VML
We Got Power, Mystic
Workers Comp, Recess

Untitled 12", Fundamental UK
Valley of the Yakes 12", Fundamental UK

Mt. Baldy Pipe segment, Bluetorch TV
Nude Bowl segment, Bluetorch TV
Pow Wow at Powell II, NSA Skate Video
Risk It, Santa Cruz Skate Video
Skatopia, Speed-Line Productions
Speed Freaks, Santa Cruz Speed Wheels Video
Wheels of Fire, Santa Cruz Speed Wheels Video

Tony Hawk's ProSkater 4

JFA VINYL RELEASES (with artwork)
As featured on Spontaneous Combustion