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A Short History of a Long Line of Drummers
"They are like coordinated homeless guys." (Don Redondo)

1. Mike "Bam Bam" Sversvold was the original JFA drummer.

2. Brian Damage played with us for one practice in Brian Brannon's garage because Bam kept flaking out. Big guy with a big/loud drum set...our ears rang for a week. We went back to Bam though...mostly because he skated.

3. Bob Cox (from Our Neighbors Suck): After the '84 tour, Bam was in a string of bands that "were going to get signed" so we got less and less of his time. Picked up Bob, cool guy/great drummer and toured with him in '86, but he eventually ended up with a bad drug problem. Last time we saw him was in Texas, clean and very fit (We hope the best for him).

5. Somewhere in here we tried out Todd Barnes (from TSOL). He never showed to the first rehearsal (someone said he was tweaking) and we never played with him, but he is in a rare tour publicity shot. Died in Long Beach a few years ago. (R.I.P.)

6. Back to Bam Bam for "Nowhere Blossoms" (88)... we were back to the original line-up (including Mike C. on bass), but it did not last very long.

7. Scott "Sketch" Chasen: We were trying to tour Europe, but Bam would not commit as his other band was "going to get signed" so we got Scott (original Jr. Achievement/Harvest drummer). problems here too...he had his mom call us and tell us he could not play anymore. Has girl's picture who dumped him tatooed on his chest (after the fact) and he could have been tweaking as well considering how unreliable he was. Need I say more? Good drummer though...

8. Mike Tracy: We moved the band to CA, and had some good years. Mike decided to fall apart every time a girl dumped him and has been on/off drugs ever since. Every excuse in the book for being late/missing practices (See song "No More Excuses" on Concrete Waves).

9. Al Penzone: After Mike Tracy rode the white pony out of town, we just had to do a Phoenix gig/benefit for a skatepark, so after three sessions in a practice studio in hollywood and one in someone's house in Phoenix (Bruce hates chocolate cake), we played the show. Have not seen him since.

9. Jim Moore (a.k.a. Mike when Brian has had a few): Got Jim from a band called Walk Proud. He did some northwest tours with us, married a Canadien, started his own band (playing all of the instruments) and now lives happily with his daughter in Norwalk.

10. After Jim turned into Sting, we went back to Mike Tracy (can you say relapse?)

11. Trace Element: A Riverside guy from the band White Flag. He played a few good shows with us (his wife gave me my dog Igor). He's probably still recording with White Flag.

12. Back to Mike Tracy (can you say relapse?)

13. Jaime Reidling (The Hunns/US Bombs): the latest flake on Mike's part was weeks before we were supposed to record. Three practices later Jaime nails the 5 songs in one or two takes! Outstanding drummer and nice guy, but already in two touring bands.

14. Matt Etheridge (Thrasher, Drunk Injuns, Los Olvidados, Hemi): Again, three practices, an OK show in Seattle, breaks up with girlfriend and moves back to bay area.

15.  Carter Blitch signed on recently and looks like he actually might hack it. Not only that, he skates and surfs...

Alan Bishop, former JFA bassist and world-renowned Sun City Girl