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Anti Gravity


Here are a few of the sites we dig. Check 'em out and come back soon for more.

Get JFA shirts, stickers, buttons and the new CD at is the place to go for hard-driving grind-inspiring tunez.

Factory 13 Skateboards makes custom designs and old school style decks, including the new JFA Skateboards line.

Longtime AZ skate rat Ping put together a site called that has photos and stories of skaters riding these giant cylindrical behemoths.

Bowlrider -- The name should tell you all you need to know. Our man George Medina has put together one sweet blue tile site.

Vince from Outlook Skates is a cool ass dude and he's got some rad skateboarding gear as well.

Some true punks from Florida called Wisenheimer recently recorded a damn fine rendition of JFA's "Preppy."

Our desert rat bros in Arizona have a good thing going on with AZ PX Skateboards.

I ran into a bro from Cohort Skates riding the Combi-Bowl at the Vans park and his deck looked totally rippable.

This here is the sweetest site I've seen dedicated to backyard bowl busting: Pool Rider.

Ever wonder about the scene in Alaska? Wonder no more with AK Ink..

The Mermen are an excellent original psycedlic surf band.

Spontaneous Combustion is a rad ass punk zine.

Surfer Magazine has one of the best sites going.

Redhook Ale is a pretty fine brew.

Visit Man or Astroman? at their website of intergalactic havoc.

Check out all the punk, garage, ska, hardcore and industrial music they have at Round Flat Records.

A page dedicated to surfers who ride Mavericks.

If you want us to add your page to our links, drop us a line at