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No More Excuses
Music & lyrics by Brian Brannon and every drummer we've ever had (except maybe Carter)

I can't come to practice 'cuz my car won't start
Went back on the shit 'cuz my girl broke my heart
Can't make it tomorrow 'cuz my mom's on the rag
Forty minutes late I'm a perennial lag

No more excuses

Spent an hour in the bathroom I was just getting ready
Can't drive the truck 'cuz my chick won't let me
Someone's gotta take me 'cuz I don't have a ride
Don't be here too soon 'cuz I'm never on time

No more excuses

Got to borrow someone's set 'cuz mine is in hock
When I tell you what happened you'll be in for a shock
Can't do it no more my other band's getting signed
Was out getting coffee you shoulda seen the line

No more excuses

Hey, guys, umm I left my drums over at my friend's house
Andů can you just give me a ride to McFadden and Grand Street
I've got all my stuff, it's right around the corner
And umm, you know it'll take me ten minutes and I'll get all my stuff
And I'll be in and out and it'll be done and we can got to practice alright?

Had to find a hanger 'cuz my muffler fell off
Had to make a detour 'cuz my cat had a cough
Blew off last Sunday 'cuz I couldn't make the session
I swear that I'm clean it's clinical depression
No more excuses
No more excuses
No more excuses