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Nude Bowl Resurrection
Music & lyrics by Brian Brannon

There was a place in the desert hills where people used to go
They'd mess around and have some thrills while riding in the bowl
But there's some jerks in every bunch and some got out of hand
Shooting guns and pulling knives and fighting in the sand
We'd tell them to get the hell out but they wouldn't stay gone for long
Like the clap they'd always come back and now the Nude Bowl's gone

The cops brought tractors and filled her with dirt up to the very top
But the love of skating is a force of nature that authority can never stop
We came back with a backhoe of our own and started into to work
And by the time that we were done she was empty of all the dirt
We painted her up, repaired her lip and patched up all her holes
And by the time that we were done we had resurrected the Nude Bowl

We had two months of fun and runs under the desert sun
Till some off-duty cops came and shot her up with automatic guns
They brought heavy equipment up and killed her where she stood
Smashed her bottom caved in her walls and buried her for good
But they don't know they can't strike a deathblow to the object of their scorn
For as she died and went away a new pool was reborn