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The original JFA
Here are some stories written by members of the band about what it was like way back when.

I Hate Chocolate Cake! Once, on a sweltering summer day in the harsh Arizona desert, a very nice young lady baked our bass player Bruce a chocolate cake... by Don Redondo.

My Love Affair With Jodie Foster Imagine meeting the love of your life at a punk gig one night and ending up spending the night with her. Brian Brannon describes his meeting with the namesake of the song "Jodie Foster's Army."

The Oath & The Last Straw A telling story that combines skateboarding in large desert pipes, the cover of JFA's Untitled LP and the departure of Michael Cornelius from the band.

Artistic Justice Read a page from the coffee table book of killer punk flyer art, "Fucked Up + Photocopied," in the true story of how "JOCKS SUCK!" by Brian Brannon.

Mr. Pitbull An intriguing yarn about a little offensive driving on tour in the Big Green Machine by Michael Cornelius.

Local Knowledge Localism, blatant and otherwise, can have its advantages and disadvantages. Learn how in this column by Brian Brannon.

Above: First photo ever of JFA, back when they were called The Breakers, taken by Brendan deVallance at his house and practice pad. The photo was taken 4-27-81, within a month of the band first forming.