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Cata Low   Licensed Avatar Master
What is
Avatar anyway?

I n 13 years of teaching the Avatar course, in many parts of the world, I have been asked this question over and over. The most direct response is, "It's Who You Are!!" But there are many facets!.

Here are a few perspectives...

The Intellectual Perspective

    Avatar is a 9 day course, divided into 3 parts:  Part 1) ReSurfacing®: 2 days, usually a weekend.  Part 2) 5 days.   Part 3) 2 days. It is composed of a set of experiential exercises. You explore your own labyrinth of both useful and limiting belief systems, going deeper and deeper. You cross a threshold and come to a real knowing that you are the source of your life experiences, past, present and future. From this monumental viewpoint shift, the world changes, and is now changeable.

The Feeling Perspective

Avatar is an opening of eyes half-shut to the beauty and grace of the world.  It is clear-eyed appreciation of the awe and wonder of life. It is seeing birds in the morning as if for the first time. It is healed relationships. It is throwing away the map, getting out of the car and rolling in the grass! It is deeper natural compassion with people and animals. It is accepting your selves... and your Self! It is Innocence and Knowingness at the same time. It is looking at someone and really seeing. It is unleashing the poet. It is deciding to Live Deeply and Out Loud! It is light pouring into a dark house. It is Returning Home.

The Physical Perspective

It is the end of fatigue. It is better skiing. It's clearer thinking. It is the antidote to stress. It is the end of depression. It is more energy.  It's an improved golf game.  It is sleeping at night without medication.  It is the end of addiction. It's the control of your attention, It's the decoder the body-mind map, that you've had all along!

The Spiritual Perspective

Avatar is not a belief system. It is not religious, nor "Eastern" nor is it "New Age", although the exercises in consciousness lead a person to clear and compassionate realizations that are the goal of ALL spiritual paths. Avatar is taught worldwide by a variety of people, Buddhist monks, American housewives, Catholic nuns, attorneys, hairdressers, psychologists, M.D.s, massage therapists, executives... It's a refreshing fountain, untainted by symbols and dogma that can distract from the goal. It doesn't tell you what to eat or how to live, but leads you to a heightened awareness that is the key to your own Knowing.

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