In 1996 I discovered polymer clay and the millefiore caning technique.  This process was explained to me to be the same one that glass blowers have used since 300 BC.  A common form of millefiore caning can be seen in  the glass paper weights with lots of colorful little flowers inside. Those flowers are millefiore canes.

As a polymer artist my main focus was on creating Portrait Beads
from photographs.  Each facial feature is sculpted from the center out by layering thin sheets of clay on top of each other.

Face cane of Rosie O'Donnel

"As a polymer artist my main focus was on creating Portrait Beads .."

Designs are sculpted in tubes and run the entire length of the tube or cane.  Then slices are taken off the ends of the tubes.  Shown above are slices from the cane ends of Portrait Beads TM  at various stages.

Eventually I began making  signs for my displays.  This entailed creating the entire alphabet of 26 canes.

 Finally, words and sayings on beads and pins were the end result.

 Click on a link below to see some of the beads I have made.

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